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Ana is absolutely incredible. I came to her with very little formal education, but just a bunch of cobbled together words, and she helped provide rules and structure in a way that was super useful. Exactly the right mix of functional, usable stuff with reinforcement and structure to groove in the underlying principles. Easily one of the best Spanish teachers I've ever worked with! If you're reading this review and wondering if you should work with her, the answer is definitely yes!

Eric Liu

After 10 lessons, I am very happy with Ana Cristina. Our lessons always start out feeling like conversations that are driven by what I want to talk about, but she is paying close attention to my Spanish and tailoring our more formal exercises to my specific areas. I feel like I'm making a lot of progress without even trying. Highly recommended!


I have been working with Ana for the last 7 months and it has been such a wonderful experience! When I came to Ana for help, I was looking to refine my Spanish to fit a professional setting. Even though I can speak Spanish, I could never quite articulate the same way as I could in English (which makes it seem like I don't know the language at all) so I decided to end the bad streak of embarrassments and work with Ana. I am so grateful that I did!


Ana is great! I'm currently taking lessons with her to get my Spanish to the next level. I've already learned a lot over this past month and would recommend her to anyone! She is extremely professional and explains things in a perfect way! 

Clément Taquet

Ana is such a great teacher. I've been working with her for 6 months. She is patient, friendly, thoughtful, and keeps your goal in mind. She does such a great job of including language that you will actually use, remembering things you've said and infusing vocabulary that will be useful for you. 10/5 stars


I often get really discouraged when struggling with some parts of language learning, but Ana Cris really did a good job scooping me out of some impending despair and building up some confidence again. I'm really happy to be working with her.

Em Grasmeder

Ana is one of the best Spanish teachers I have ever come across. Her professionalism and willingness to work with each student's individual needs is beyond comparison. You would be lucky to work with her!

Kirra Bennett

Ana is a fantastic teacher! Super dedicated and always prepared. I always looked forward to her classes. Can’t recommend highly enough!

Ben Diseroad

I have had several lessons with Ana and I think she is a very talented teacher. She is flexible in her approach, which means she can tailor and individualize lessons based on the needs of her students. I feel like I am making great progress with her and am so happy to have found her!


I'm really enjoying Ana's lessons - she has brilliant worksheets that she has created herself that give a deep insight into the grammar theme that we are studying. Muchas gracias Ana!


Ana is an excellent teacher! She is very intelligent and aware of your needs from the beginning! Always professional, well prepared, fun, and creative. Once you set your goals with her, in a short time you'll feel confident to speak Spanish on the street!

Hilal Kıncal

Ana Cris es una maestra muy muy buena. Aprendí mucha con ella. Las clases estaban muy didactica y clara. Aprender con Ana estuvó un gran placer.

Carla Marla

Incredible teacher! Super professional and personalizes the class to meet the needs of the student. AMAZING!


Ana is by far the best language teacher I've ever had. She is always prepared, extremely professional, and makes learning fun and easy!

Jillian Salazar

Apart from a good Spanish teacher, Ana is a good human being. During my classes, when I was becoming impatient, she supported me and I was able to improve. She is a very good teacher.

All the best Ana.

Jyoti Behera

Ana has been helping me improve my Spanish conversation abilities for about a year. I've been taking Spanish at my local college, but Ana's help has been an essential part of my studies. Ana has always been very helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. I always appreciate her help! And I recommend her highly.

Peter Snider

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